Surface treatment

To accompany and finish the constructions created, restored, or renovated by PROBAT, Fabien Deplanche created the company PRONET in 2004. This subsidiary offers a wide selection of surface treatment services. PRONET, which also specialises in industrial cleaning, is expert in the field of surface treatments. The company’s core business includes cutting-edge services such as sanding (horizontal or vertical) of stonework, marble, and granite, anti-stain treatments, oil-based water-repellent treatment, parquet floor treatments (repairs, sanding, staining, or vitrification), washing and anti-mite treatments of carpets, and various decorative concrete finishes. And more besides. It also offers highly specialised services including crystallisation, metallisation of plastic floors, and graffiti removal. Using high-performance technical equipment, PRONET’s team provide their services for offices, industrial premises, multiple occupancy buildings, hotels, villas, and shopping centres, whether the requirement is straightforward maintenance or complete restoration.